New Car Packages:


Tinting(U.S.A. ) + Electronic Rust Protection (Canadian)= $399               RRP $700

Tinting(U.S.A. ) + Reverse Camera = $450                                               RRP $800

Tinting(U.S.A )  + Reverse Camera + Electronic Rust Protection=$599     RRP $1100


全车汽车贴膜 + 电子除锈安装 $399

全车汽车贴膜 + 倒车摄像头安装 $499

全车汽车贴膜 + 倒车摄像头安装+电子除锈安装=$599

You will receive the same level of service & products as you would receive from a premium car dealership.


*price may vary depending on car models.


  我们使用种的电子防锈设备由加拿大制造,应用电化学,利用汽车的电池供电,通过微处理系统,输出负电荷直接补充到金属中,平衡金属的原子结构,从而达到抗氧化防锈和抗金属疲劳的目的,其最大的特点是全车防锈,无防锈死角,让金属保持原有的硬度和抗折度,并令金属与油漆增强附着力,使油漆不易脱落,保持汽车的外观美,一次安装使用20年,免除了经常维修保养的烦恼。这种技术广泛应用于航天, 采矿设备中,应用于民用汽车行业在欧美国家已经普及,在中国还未自主研发。 

Rusts is an electrochemical process that takes place whenever bare metal is exposed to air moisture or water. Due to excessive exposure of your vehicle to these conditions corrosion starts to appear on your car. This process is driven by loss of negative electrons from within your vehicle's metal

Electronic rust protection module generates a contentious flow of negative charges to the entire structure of your vehicle (including inner and outer panels) and stops corrosion process.

Electronic rust protection modules have been used for years within world's most harsh industries such as mining, oil exploration and marine structures.


Thanks to our engineers, we were able to modify those massive industrial units and make them compact.


Umbrella Tint:

"Thank you for tinting my i30 and sunroof, it looks fantastic.

as to the house windows we all enjoy the drop in tempreture, it make a big difference after install."

-Greg Temlow  Manly 


"The window films did give us a lot of privacy from the traffic and people on the street, its great, we love it. "

- Sonya Mohammod  Greenacre


Aria Locksmith

"thanks for changing all locks to one same key, we now have one key convience ,before we cannot even copy it due to they are imported locks. thank you aria locksmith"

-Anna Maria  Pannaia


"Thank you for coming so quick to unlock my Jeep , now I can go home and have a rest"

-Kate Jarvis  Sydney Olympic Park

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